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Welcome to Barons

Guild Application

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Guild Application

The guild is still open for new members.
We are still needing..
Full support vitality priests
Agility or vitality knights
Battle blacksmiths
Alternate Job Characters
We are not very paticular with levels, so our minimum requirement
is just level 75,as long as you are committed to level up your character, it's okay. Cause we believe in becoming stronger by training hard or leveling up. Beside we all go though all of this process. Every one of us started from novice, but day by day we become stronger by training hard.
Aside from level requirement, we also consider your moral character.
We need good people!
Scammers don't even dream of becoming a Barons.
If you think you are qualified enough, here's what you gonna do,
E-mail your real name
A valid contact cellphone number
Character's name
Your level and class(job)