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Barons History

           How did the Barons start in Fenrir? The original members came from the laggy Chaos server. One day, while the group was hanging out, W O W had this first idea of moving. Many aggreed, but some hesitated and feared that starting a new life in a new server might not be successful. We, the Barons, weighed the situations in Chaos and the soon to be Fenrir. We paused for a while. Bow down our head and say a little question in our head. Will I risk my chaos life for an uncertain fenrir? Our future is BLACK in chaos because we started playing too too late! So the group decided to move. What are the reasons why we move? First-it's because of the dramatic-pause-lag-death-situation. 2nd-because of a boss-greedy-player named ___________, who grabbed all the bosses in the server. Who also happened to moved to Fenrir. /wah.
           So the big day came. tsarararantsaran!!! Fenrir was opened. Fresh from the novice academy we began to level up. It was very difficult for us because it's like building a building without the materials. When we changed into 1st job we walked all the way from town to town to job guilds. Some are very lucky when they applied for mage class. Some were ordered Morroc solution and Payon solution. The walked from Geffen to Morroc/Payon and back again and back again, again and again. They always made mistakes in mixing the quest item. When we became 1st jobs, leveling became more difficult. We don't have enough armament to fight the monster and animal kingdom in Midgard. Because of the bitterness of the lives in Fenrir, some just decided to go back to Chaos;`jeje quited Fenrir and some others. We were so so poor in Fenrir.
          We lived in separate live. Those who stayed in Fenrir have their world of their own as to in Chaos have their world in their own.
          Attention: Fenrir will be having X3 experienced for one week.
          Bacause of the said event, those who backed-off was given the chance to came back. `jeje and other realized that there was still hope for them in Fenrir eventhought they are bit a little late. `jeje leveled to 83 in just a week, l o u i e made his novice to job 50 archer in just a day. But inspite of our levels we are still considered poor.
W O W take off his clothing [he used it since he was novice] when he was already 95. `jeje exchanged his treasured headgear [smile mask] to binoculars when he was level 90.
          Still, the Barons was not yet formed. The original members was into another guilds like Armaggedon, >Demonz<, etc. Then one day, Anish said, "Why don't we create a guild? Since we are many enough playing in this the same cafe". He hold-up the guys, collecting 50K zenny each. Then a guild was created to our surprise. It was named Barons.

Why are the people in Midgard kill all the monsters around just to level up. And they include such cute lovely animals. Where is the animal right in Midgard?